responsibility person

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responsibility person

Mensagempor liuyi » Ter Jan 16, 2018 7:07 am

representative and direct responsibility person are detained 7 days by administration. When the reporter comes to China north chemical fibber, the housetop of turkey wood and plastic composite report boiler room already was opened half, boiler goes out from housetop condole the following day in what report make known to lower levels, chimney also is overturned, gas conduit all is demolished, the fly ash before boiler room, cindery also keep clear of

entirely. The river north decking veneer Vietnam chemical fibber that is apart from limited company of China north chemical fibber to be less than 500 meters also because of a paper strip for sealing of tear to shreds, violate compasses a 10 tons of steam boiler that use 1 to review procedures without annulus, conduction oil furnace is reported. Boiler already was demolished now, the business is temporary patio pavilion gallery deck stop production, the company that

has 160 more than person so keeps a few workers only. The worker Diao Zhaomin of river north chemical fibber says: "Everybody cannot work again waiting do not have income, waterproof deck distributors honolulu boiler labour does not know law, mount furnace to give a paper strip for sealing uncovered, boss beforehand not know the inside story. Boss beforehand not know the inside story.. "Cleared ' messy corrupt ' the difficulty of the
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