Attend the meeting

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Attend the meeting

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hotel is held satisfactorily. Attend the meeting have Song Gang of chairman of association of trade of Linyi city timber, standing vice-chairman Ran Xiangliang, singapore decking price vice-chairman Sun Yubin, Sun Ziping, tall favour is strong, director unit Hou Zongan. Attend purchase business and other cities enterprise to company of American northwest hardwood represents industry of timber of rich alliance of Peng Fei, United

States the other cities company 8 ft wide fence panels that limited company of science and technology of paster of Xiang Yu of limited company delegate, United States represents district of and other places of Zhou Chong and Shandong Jiangsu. The arbitral result that meeting personnel enters to be aimed at Department of Commerce of this United States to come on stage to Chinese part enterprise upvc barge board western cape in the conference exchanged an opinion,

and to American Department of Commerce this is planted unjust, blame is fair, blame is rational, the optional and arbitral act that violates trade legislation statute outdoor flooring to cover concrete patio expressed intense dissatisfaction, the development existing state of affairs of company of wood of the tendency that unites instantly to turn over dumping a got-up affair to develop, China, discuss reasonable and effective answer measure. In the
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