the floor contrast with the MDF

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the floor contrast with the MDF

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<p>wood fiber binder, the density of 800kg / m3 of high-density substrate, equivalent to 50 cm thick pure wood fiber pressed into 9 Millimeter thick, very strong. Judges to take the floor contrast with the MDF, carefully observe the floor interface and corner parts, we can see the difference between MDF and MDF, this dynamic series of </p>
<p>floors both thin and strong. In addition, this floor using the European top-tier V-groove technology, the business-mouth processing fine, good moisture resistance, to avoid bump after pavement phenomenon. Can also make the floor after the completion of visual effects more broadly. Good floor, must have excellent waterproof performance, </p>
<p>so as to adapt to different requirements of the decoration environment. We will pour a small amount of water on the floor splicing place, wait ten minutes, observed no proliferation, penetration and so on. After wiping with a paper towel, the surface is smooth and clean. There is no water mark on the splicing point of the three-dimensional </p>
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