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Mensagempor liuyi » Qui Dez 07, 2017 12:59 am

This year March, announce news according to bureau of Beijing environmental protection, because will produce the useless lacquer broken bits of the generation in spray paint craft to composite wood vs termites be handled at will, xie Mou of legal person of limited company of adornment of great exploit of Beijing a photograph of whole family is connected criminal of state division police is detained.

Great exploit of Beijing a photograph of how to build a slatted wood panel whole family decorates limited company to be given priority to in order to manufacture civil wood door, manufacturing process includes the segment such as next cut, makings, burnish, spray paint. Its produce the craft of Insulation veranda vinyl fencing traditional spray paint in link to arise " lacquer broken bits " ,

belong to " directory of national danger trash " medium HW12 kind dangerous trash, must undertake manage and dealing with by dangerous trash. In actual production, the lacquer broken bits lowes can be nailed fence boards that this enterprise produces is to should do general rubbish processing all the time. According to introducing, this company illegal action is suspected of be being discharged illegally,
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